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June 30, 2013

TIPS ANAK: Cara Membantu Anak/Adik Balita Mengatasi Rasa Takut Dalam Dirinya

AGUNKz scrEaMO Blog. Apa yang harus orangtua lakukan saat si batita punya ketakutan berlebihan pada orang asing? Meski ini bagian normal dari perkembangan dan tak dapat dihindari, orangtua perlu membantu anak mengatasi rasa takut pada orang asing dengan beberapa cara berikut.

  • Pahami ketakutannya dan tenangkan dirinya. "Kamu takut ya sama Om? Sini, mama peluk."
  • Sebelum mengenalkan si orang asing kepada anak, cermati dulu apa kira-kira penyebab ketakutan anak. Wajah si orang asing atau mungkin pakaiannya.
  • Lalu perkenalkan siapa sosok ini. Misalnya, "Ini Om Tomy. Biar Om Tomy punya kumis lebat, Om Tomy baik loh! Jika anak takut dengan pakaian si om, ajak anak untuk mencermati, "Jaket dan kacamata hitamnya sudah dibuka, Om Tomy ganteng kan!"
  • Beri anak penjelasan tambahan tentang orang tersebut. Misalnya, "Om Tomy rumahnya jauh jadi jarang ke sini. Om Tomy adiknya Papa, berarti ini pamanmu."
  • Beri jaminan rasa aman dengan selalu mendampingi anak saat bertemu orang asing. Katakan pada anak bahwa semuanya akan baik-baik saja. Dengan penjelasan yang baik, akan tumbuh keberanian dalam diri anak sehingga ia memiliki sinyal. Jadi saat bertemu orang asing, ia tak takut lagi.
  • Setelah anak tampak siap berinteraksi, ajak si orang asing bekerja sama untuk menetralisasi keadaan. Minta ia menyapa atau bersedia bermain dengan anak. Misal si Om atau Tante melempar bola kemudian anak menangkapnya. Seiring dengan waktu, anak anak mengubah persepsi orang asing itu menjadi teman yang mengasyikkan.

Dari berbagai langkah ini, orangtua masih perlu mengasah kemampuan sosialisasi anak. Ajak si batita ikut arisan, jalan-jalan ke mal, tempat kerja, pasar, atau keramaian lainnya, di mana ia banyak bertemu orang dengan karakter berbeda, pakaian bervariasi dan penampilan yang tidak sama.

Dengan begitu, si kecil terbiasa bertemu dengan banyak orang asing sehingga tidak kelewat takut saat berhadapan dengan orang yang belum dikenalnya.

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June 29, 2013

JIEAB WATTANA - Because Of My Heart (OST. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love) Lirik/Lyric

Maybe before..
we didn’t understand each other..

Why I chose you.
in my heart.. 

Maybe before
I met a lot of people
But in the end, it’s you that I became a couple with Love isn’t just a coincidence

Love connects our minds together
it’s only the heart that knows

Who that person is in your dreams
you are that person i’ve been waiting for

It’s because my heart’s asking
because my heart is crying out

Happened to be yours always
It’s cuz my heart is never uncertain
It’s like it’s sure that it’s you..

No other reasons,
just that my heart loves you..

MARISA SUKOSOL - Someday (OST. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love) Lirik/Lyric

I don't know how much longer that I have to put up with you.
I've been hiding everything in my heart...

Everytime we meet each other,
Everytime we face each other.
Though I am indifferent.
Do you know how much have I have to force myself?

Can't you hear my heart calling for you, loving you..
But I can't release my heart out for anyone to know.
Can't you hear my heart's waiting there for you.
Waiting for you to feel it. I was hoping that you will realize someday.

Though I love you, 
though I feel (your love). 
But deep down inside, 
I can't dare to tell you.
(*, **)

Can't you hear my heart calling for you, 
loving you.

But I can't release my heart out for anyone to know.
Can't you hear my heart waiting there for you, 
waiting for you to feel it..

And I was hoping that you will realize..
that this woman still love you.
Anyway, some day, you will know......

June 27, 2013

New Update: Free Download CCleaner 4.03.4151 Final 2013

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

CCleaner is our system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!
Cleans the following:
Internet Explorer
  • Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat files.
  • Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
Google Chrome
  • Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
  • Temporary files, history, cookies, download history.
  • Temporary files, history, cookies, form history.
Other Supported Browsers
  • K-Meleon, Rockmelt, Flock, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, SeaMonkey, Chrome Plus, SRWare Iron, Pale Moon, Phoenix, Netscape Navigator, Avant and Maxthon.
  • Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files, Log files, Clipboard, DNS Cache, Error Reporting, Memory Dumps, Jump Lists.
Registry Cleaner
  • Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more...
Third-party applications
  • Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more...
100% Spyware FREE
  • This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

What's New on CCleaner 4.03.4151 Final 2013

  • Added command line option to reboot after cleaning (/AUTO /RESTART)
  • Improved Firefox cleaning: Site Preferences, History and Startup items
  • Improved Internet Explorer 10 cleaning: Saved Passwords, Userdata Cookies and Last Download Location
  • Improved Internet Explorer 9 Last Download Location cleaning
  • Improved Opera Cache cleaning
  • Updated Startup items detection for Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Added Cookie management for multiple users (Pro Version)
  • Improved Startup item management for multiple users on Windows 8 (Pro Version)
  • Added cleaning for Express Scribe, Gom Player, Skype Metro App, Twitter Metro and Adobe Reader Touch
  • Improved cleaning for Microsoft Office 2013
  • Added Thai translation
  • Improved localization and language support

File Name :
File Size :
4.17 MB
Requirements :
Windows XP |Server 2003 | Vista |Server 2008 | Win 7 | 8
Languages :
English | .....
License :
Date Add :
Homepage :


NEW UPDATE: Free Download Gimp 2.8.6 Final 2013 for Windows, and Linux

GIMP is an advanced image editor and image manipulation software that is often compared to Photoshop. It offers a ton of features, including advanced layer support, masks, filters, effects and many other features found in professional graphics programs. Beware however that the interface needs getting used to, and the program has a rather steep learning curve .

Customizable Interface
  • Each task requires a different environment and GIMP allows you to customize the view and behavior the way you like it. Starting from the widget theme, allowing you to change colors, widget spacings and icon sizes to custom tool sets in the toolbox. The interface is modulized into so called docks, allowing you to stack them into tabs or keep them open in their own window. Pressing the tab key will toggle them hidden.
  • GIMP features a great fullscreen mode allowing you to not only preview your artwork but also do editing work while using the most of your screen estate.
Photo Enhancement
  • Numerous digital photo imperfections can be easily compensated for using GIMP. Fix perspective distortion caused by lens tilt simply choosing the corrective mode in the transform tools. Eliminate lens' barrel distortion and vignetting with a powerful filter but a simple interface.
  • The included channel mixer gives you the flexibility and power to get your B/W photography stand out the way you need.
Digital Retouching
  • GIMP is ideal for advanced photo retouching techniques. Get rid of unneeded details using the clone tool, or touch up minor details easily with the new healing tool. With the perspective clone tool, it's not difficult to clone objects with perspective in mind just as easily as with the orthogonal clone.
Hardware Support
  • GIMP includes a very unique support for various input devices out of the box. Pressure and tilt sensitive tablets, but also a wide range of USB or MIDI controllers. You can bind often-used actions to device events such as rotating a USB wheel or moving a MIDI controller's slider. Change the size, angle or opacity of a brush while you paint, bind your favorite scripts to buttons. Speed up your workflow!
File Formats
  • The file format support ranges from the common likes of JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF to special use formats such as the multi-resolution and multi-color-depth Windows icon files. The architecture allows to extend GIMP's format capabilities with a plug-in. You can find some rare format support in the GIMP plugin registry.
  • Thanks to the transparent virtual file system, it is possible to load and save files to from remote locations using protocols such as FTP, HTTP or even SMB (MS Windows shares) and SFTP/SSH.
  • To save disk space, any format can be saved with an archive extension such as ZIP, GZ or BZ2 and GIMP will transparently compress the file without you needing to do any extra steps.

What's New on Gimp 2.8.6 2013 ?

                   GNU Image Manipulation Program
                          2.8 Stable Branch

This is the stable branch of GIMP. No new features are being added
here, just bug-fixes.

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.8.4 to GIMP 2.8.6


 - Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to only allow exporting, and fix
   save/export of compressed files
 - Fix brush spacing for drawing in any direction
 - Increase the maximum size of clipboard brushes and patterns to 1024x1024
 - Make sure data objects are saved when only their name was changed


 - Don't allow single-window docks to shrink smaller than their requisition
 - Make sure a single-window's right docks keep their size across sessions
 - Allow to change the spacing of non-generated brushes again
 - In single-window mode, make Escape move the focus to the canvas,
   and beep if the focus is already there
 - Be smarter about unavailable fonts, and don't crash
 - Make clicking the single-window's close button quit GIMP
 - Make view-close (Ctrl+W) only close image windows and tabs, not docks


 - Add SIGNED_ROUND() which also rounds negative values correctly


 - Make GIMP_PLUGIN_DEBUG work again after GLib changed logging
 - Fix zealous crop for transparent borders


 - Add Hungarian translation


 - Add a default "Color from Gradient" dynamics and tool preset


 - Lots of bug fixes
 - Lots of translation updates

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.8.2 to GIMP 2.8.4


 - Move the OSX gimpdir to "~/Library/Application Support"


 - Better names for the default filters in save and export
 - Make tool drawing (esp. the brush outline) much more responsive
 - Remember the "maximized" state across sessions
 - Simplify the splash image code a lot, makes it appear immediately again
 - Allow the text tool to start on an image without layers
 - Various fixes for text style attribute handling
 - Set unconfigured input devices to eraser if GTK+ says they are erasers
 - Make language selectable in Preferences on OSX


 - Make libgimp drawable combo boxes aware of layer groups
 - Make sure plug-in windows appear on top on OSX
 - Fix item width in GimpPageSelector (used e.g. in PDF import)


 - Better default values in the Drop Shadow script
 - Fix a whole bunch of bugs in the BMP plug-in
 - On OSX, use the system's screenshot utility


 - Add Brazilian-Portuguese translation to the Windows installer

Source and build system:

 - Many improvements to the OSX bundle build system
 - Support automake 1.13


 - Lots of bug fixes
 - Lots of translation updates

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.8.0 to GIMP 2.8.2


 - Make tag matching always case-insensitive
 - Let the tile-cache-size default to half the physical memory


 - Mention that the image was exported in the close warning dialog
 - Make sure popup windows appear on top on OSX
 - Allow file opening by dropping to the OSX dock
 - Fix the visibility logic of the export/overwrite menu items
 - Remove all "Use GEGL" menu items, they only add bugs and zero function
 - Improve performance of display filters, especially color management
 - Fix the image window title to comply with the save/export spec
   and use the same image name everywhere, not only in the title
 - Fix positioning of pasted/dropped stuff to be more reasonable


 - Move gimpdir and thumbnails to proper locations on OSX
 - Implement relocation on OSX
 - Allow to use $(gimp_installation_dir) in config files


 - Fix remembering of JPEG load/save defaults
 - Revive the page setup dialog on Windows

Source and build system:

 - Add Windows installer infrastructure
 - Add infrastructure to build on OSX


 - Lots of bug fixes
 - List of translation updates

GIMP User Manual

GIMP for Windows

GIMP for Windows (version 2.8.6)
86 MB
GIMP requires Windows XP with Service Pack 3, or a newer version of Windows to run.
This version of GIMP also requires a CPU with SSE instruction set (Pentium III, Athlon XP or better).

Source for version 2.8 (Stable)

GIMP releases available from and its mirrors contain the source code and have to be compiled in order to be installed on your system.
For instructions, how to build GIMP from source code, please see this page.
GIMP 2.8.6 is now available at You may want to read the Release Notes for GIMP 2.8.
To allow you to check the integrity of the tarballs, here are the MD5 sums of the latest releases:
FileMD5 sum
GIMP help files are available at
Please consider using one of the mirrors listed below.

Development snapshots

There are no releases of the 2.9 development version yet.
Nightly builds for Windows are available at This is unstable software, please use it at your own risk.
A detailed list of changes in the development branch is available in git.

June 26, 2013

Jual Flashdisk Installer Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

Haloooo.. ada yang butuh installer flashdisk/USB buat instal Windows atau Linux dari flashdisk? kami Jual Flashdisk Installer Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Linux dan Mac OS X  [LIMITED]

Kenapa Menggunakan Flashdisk/USB Installer untuk Install?

  • Mempercepat proses instal
  • Berguna bagi kalian yg selalu gagal instal saat proses instal sedang berlangsung menggunakan CD/DVD drive.
  • Menjaga agar CD/DVD drive laptop/komputer tidak cepat rusak.
  • Mengurangi  resiko gagal instal saat sedang melakukan proses instal
  • Berguna bagi komputer/laptop/notebook yang tidak memiliki dan tidak dilengkapi CD/DVD drive atau yang CD/DVD drive nya udah rusak
  • AWET, Tidak akan rusak. Usahakan gunakan flashdisk ini sebagai master. jika suatu saat sistem di Windows Anda error, terkena virus atau ada masalah dengan booting dan masalah lainnya.
  • Jangan mencolokannya ke komputer/laptop lainnya agar aman dari virus
  • Akan berguna jika suatu saat sistem operasi kalian GAGAL BOOTING / RUSAK BOOTING/Ada yg Rusak terkena virus, sementara banyak data/file penting di hardisk tapi komputer/laptop tidak mempunyai CD/DVD DRIVE atau tidak bisa instal lewat kaset CD/DVD.

Kondisi Barang: Baru
Siap Pakai, tinggal ganti booting BIOS PC/Laptop. Bootable sama seperti Instal pada kaset, cuma lebih cepat aja proses instalnya & mengurangi resiko kerusakan CD/DVD Drive pada PC/Laptop kalian. 
Full version

Berikut ini adalah flashdisk installer yang kami jual yang bisa dibeli, silahkan dipilih:

1. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows XP (pilih salah satu: Win XP SP1, SP2 atau SP3) = Rp 125 Ribu.

2. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 7 = Rp. 125 Ribu

3. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 7 ALL IN ONE = Rp. 150 Ribu
(semua versi lengkap dan resmi Windows 7 baik 32bit + 64 bit dalam sebuah flashdisk)

4. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise = Rp. 125 Ribu

5. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 8 All In One
(semua versi lengkap dan resmi Windows Pro + Enterprise baik 32bit + 64 bit dalam sebuah flashdisk)
= Rp. 150 Ribu contoh tampilan lengkap
Screen shoot 32-bit>>

Screen shoot 64-bit>>

6. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 8.1 Pro= Rp. 125 Ribu

7. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows 8.1 Enterprise= Rp. 125 Ribu

8. Flashdisk bootable/Installer Windows 8.1 All In One (Semua Versi Resmi Windows 8.1 dalam sebuah flashdisk)= 150 RIBU

9. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows Server 2012 = 200 Ribu Review >>

10. Flashdisk bootable/installer Windows Server 2012 R2= 200 ribu

11. Flashdisk bootable/Installer Windows 8.1 Update 1 All In One 
(Semua Versi rilis Resmi Windows 8.1 Update 1) dalam sebuah flashdisk)=  150 RIBU

12. Flashdisk bootable/Installer Windows10 Home+Pro=125 RIBU

13. Flashdisk bootable/Installer Windows 10 Enterprise=125 ribu

14. 13. Flashdisk bootable/Installer Windows 10  All in One Semua Versi Resmi Windows 10 32 bit+64 bit dalam sebuah flashdisk )= 150 ribu 

Jual juga Flashdisk bootable untuk Linux 

(Sebutin aja mau lnux apa dan versi yang berapa)
  • USB /Flashdisk Bootable Installer Linux Ubuntu = Rp 125 Ribu.
  • USB/Flashdisk Bootable Installer Linux Mint= Rp 125 Ribu.
  • USB Flashdisk Bootable/Installer Kali Linux= Rp 125 Ribu.
  • USB Flashdisk Bootable/Installer Linux Debian= Rp 125 Ribu.
  • USB Flashdisk Bootable/Installer Linux Fedora= Rp. 125 Ribu
  • USB Flashdisk Bootable Installer Linux BackTrack= Rp. 125 Ribu 
  • USB Flashdisk Bootable Installer Linux LUbuntu= Rp. 125 Ribu 

Jual juga
  • Flashdisk bootable untuk Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4=Rp. 200 Ribu
  • Flashdisk/USB bootable  Mac OS X Montain Lion 10.8.5= Rp. 200 Ribu
  • Flashdisk Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10= Rp. 200 ribu
  • Flashdisk installer Adobe Master Collection CS6 Full version= 200 Ribu (Flashdisk 16 GB)
  • Flashdisk installer Adobe Master Collection CC 2015 Full version= 250 Ribu (Flashdisk 16 GB)
  • Flashdisk installer Adobe Master Collection CC 2017 Full version= 350 Ribu (Flashdisk 32 GB)
  • Flashdisk installer Adobe Master Collection CC 2018 Full version= 450 Ribu (Flashdisk 32 GB)

Jual Juga
  • Flashdisk Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 = 200 ribu
  • Flashdisk Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8= 200 ribu
  • Flashdisk Embarcadero RAD Studio XE 10= 200 ribu

Cara instal Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 / Win 10 melalui Flashdisk/USB drive

1. Colokan flashdisk/USB ke laptop/komputer sebelum dinyalakan
2. Masuk BIOS tekan tombol F2 pada keyboard (bisa beda-beda tombol untuk masuk BIOS)
3. Ubah pengaturan booting menjadi USB/Flashdisk/removeable Device
4. Simpan perubahan dengan klik tombol Save
5. Restart komputer/laptop
6. Akan muncul loading OS, silahkan install.
5. Saat proses instal sudah selesai, jangan lupa kembalikan booting menjadi hardisk
6.Petunjuk lengkap cara menggunakan flashdisk akan disertakan di flashdisk, kalau kesulitan saat instalasi nanti kami batu lewat facebook.

  • BAGI YANG INGIN TANYA-TANYA DULU, Silahkan tinggalkan Wall Di 
  • BAGI YANG SERIUS BELI, Silahkan Kirim Pesan (Message) di (*klik "Like" terlebih dahulu agar bisa kirim di Inbox kami)

Format/ Cara Transaksi Pembelian
Silahkan kirim MESSAGE /  PESAN di Fans Page Facebook kami
Kalo gak bisa kirim MESSAGE / PESAN di facebook kami . Silahkan Klik Tombol "LIKE" dulu di Facebook kami tersebut.
Tampilan facebook  kami dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Tampilan facebook kami dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kemudian kalo SERIUS mau beli Silahkan isi:
Nama Lengkap (Nama ASLI):

Alamat Lengkap + KodePos:

No HP:

Nama barang yg ingin dipesan: (CONTOH: Flashdisk Windows 7 )


Software WINDOWS,
Driverpack 13, DriverPACK 15, Driver pack 17


Gak usah ragu..
Semua flashdisk dan OS berjalan dengan baik,
 kalian tinggal pakai aja dan gak perlu ribet harus ini itu..


butuh kaset software lainnya silahkan cek dilink


tags: jual flashdisk windows xp 7 8 81, jual flashdisk linux ubuntu, kali linux,jual flashdisk fedora, beli flashdisk installer linux mint

June 23, 2013

Hasil Quick Count Pilwalkot Bandung 2013

Pemilihan Wali Kota dan Wakil Wali Kota (Pilwalkot) Bandung 2013 berlangsung 23 Juni 2013.  Sebanyak 1.658.808 pemilih akan menentukan siapa dari delapan pasangan calon yang akan menjadi Wali Kota dan Wakil Wali Kota Bandung periode 2013-2018 mendatang.

Berikut ini adalah calon Walikota dan Wakil Walikota Bandung 2013

Quick Count Pilwalkot Bandung 2013

1. Edi Siswadi-Erwan Setiawan  (diusung Partai Demokrat, PPP, Hanura dan parpol lain)

2. Wahyudin Karnadinata-Tonny Apriliani   (Jalur Independen)

3. Wawan Dewanta-Sayogo   (Jalur Independen)

4. Moch. Ridwan Kamil-Oded Muh. Danial  (diusung PKS, Gerindra dan parpol non parlemen)

5. Ayi Vivananda-Nani Suryani (diusung PDI-Perjuangan dan PAN)

6. M.Q.Iswara-Asep Dedy Ruyadi  (diusung Golkar dan 16 parpol non parlemen)

7. Budi Setiawan-Rizal Firdaus  (Jalur Independen)

8. Bambang Setiadi-Alex Tahsin Ibrahim (Jalur Independen)


RK Menang Telak di Tiga TPS Dekat Kediamannya

Pasangan Calon Wali Kota dan Wakil Wali Kota Bandung, Ridwan Kamil-Oded MD mendapatkan perolehan suara terbesar di tiga TPS (Tempat Pemungutan Suara) dekat rumah Ridwan Kamil di Cigadung Selatan, Minggu (23/6)..

Ketiga TPS tersebut adalah, TPS 18, 19 dan 20. Hasil perhitungan perolehan suara di TPS 18 sebanyak 198 suara dari 245 surat suara.
Semantara di TPS 19 mendapatkan 239 suara dari 287 surat suara dan di TPS 20 dengan 176 dari 222 suara.
Pantauan, Minggu 23 Juni 2013 pukul 14.00 WIB, di tiga TPS tersebut perhitungan telah usai dan petugas KPPS sedang mengurus proses administrasi. (

@agungher : TPS 005 dan 006 kel. Pajajaran kec. Cicendo no.4 menang telak. 

@budlan : Bismillah TPS 39 pajajaran cicendo RIDO menang (90 suara) 44,5%., no 5 (46 suara) no 1 (28 suara)

@AMP189 : 14:23 | di TPS 27, @RidwanKamil unggul dengan 76 suara dari 240 suara. 

@ditamolen :TPS 31 kelurahan dago kecamatan coblong @ridwankamil unggul telak 228 suara.

@san_sagodi : tps 16 jeung 17 di rw 08 kelurahan kebon gedang @ridwankamil juaranaa

@fajarikhwn : TPS 06-Panghegar.116 dri 201 total suara yg msuk. Kang @ridwankamil

@lestari_ira : tps 33 kel.tamansari kec.bdg wetan pasangan no4 @ridwankamil unggul

@ariramdhani3 : di TPS 1,2,3 RW.02 kel.cikawao, pasangan no.4 unggul 

@irfanhusen : TPS 40 kec. Coblong No 1: 24, No.2: 36, No.3: 6, No.4: 221, No.5: 36, No.6: 9, No.7: 10, No. 8: 1.

@nayz_andriani : Tps 03 rw 02 kel margasuka no 4 59 No 2 56 No 6 45 No 1 39

: TPS 08 Antapani Tengah, Ridwan Kamil peroleh 157 suara dgn persentase 55,17 %

pasangan no 4 unggul di TPS 01 Kel sukahaji Bacip

 " Pilwalkot BDG TPS 024 Turangga: Eswan: 17; WT: 12; WS: 4; RK: 185; AN: 23; IDE: 6; BUJAL: 5; BALEX: 2; Tidak sah:10

: TPS 17 kecamatan cibeunying kaler, RW 7 Sukaluyu. No. 4 unggul jauh

RT : TPS 11 RW.06 kel.wates no.4 unggul 119 suara disusul no2
RT : TPS 11 Cisaranten Endah Arcamanik pasangan no.4 113 suara dari 166

 : TPS 003 kel:pasir endah,ujung berung unggul no 5

tps 21 kel.maleber no1 : 41 | no2 : 46 | no3 :7 | no4 : 70 | no5 :67 | no6 : 10 | no7 : 4 |no8 : 2 | sah : 262

TPS 28 ciwastra no.4 unggul 161 suara

: Tps 35 kel. Dago nomor 4 menang telak dengan 186 suara

 : Di rumah sendiri TPS 18,19,20 cigadung menang telak

 " TPS 9 kel cipadung kidul kec panyileukan dimenangkan oleh no.4 dengan perolehan 188 suara

: TPS 14 kelurahan Pasir Impun, Kecamatan Mandalajati. Pasangan no 4 unggul 75 suara dari 160 pemilih (46 %)

@TPS 18 kelurahan Turangga dimenangkan oleh no 4 unggul 88 suara

TPS 16 kel.margahayuutara, babakanciparay no.4 140 suara

Update terbaru di pukul 14.43 wib dari quick count Pilwalkot Bandung 

Update terbaru di pukul 15.30 wib dari quick count Pilwalkot Bandung

Hingga pukul 15.30 WIB, data sampling yang masuk sudah mencapai persen 99,26 persen atau 268 TPS atau hanya tinggal 2 TPS yang belum memasukkan datanya.

Berdasarkan nomor urut, berikut perolehan sementara para pasangan di Pilwalkot Bandung:

1. Edi Siswadi-Erwan Setiawan: 17,64 persen
2. Wahyudin Karnadinata-Toni Apriliani: 8,07 persen
3. Wawan Dewanta-M Sayogo: 2,16 persen
4. Ridwan Kamil-Oded Danial: 44,57 persen
5. Ayi Vivananda-Nani Suryani: 15,35 persen
6. MQ Iswara-Asep Dedi Ruyadi: 7,93 persen
7. Budi Setiawan-Rizal Firdaus: 2,94 persen
7. Bambang Setiadi-Alex Tahsin: 1,34 persen

Hasil QuickCount Pilwalkot Bandung di Hotel Preanger 100% :
① 17,63% | ② 8,06% | ③ 2,15% | ④ 44,55% | ⑤ 15,38% | ⑥ 7,92% | ⑦ 2,93% | ⑧ 1,38%

"Tanpa bermaksud mendahului keputusan KPU, kami mengucapkan selamat pada pasangan Rido," tutur Fajar S Tamin Wakil Direktur JSI.


PASANGAN NOMOR URUT 1 Edi Siswadi-Erwan Setiawan :   17,63%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT 2 Wahyudin Karnadinata-Tonny Apriliani :  8,06%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  3  Wawan Dewanta-Sayogo  2,15%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  4 Moch. Ridwan Kamil-Oded Muh. Danial   : 44,55%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  5 Ayi Vivananda-Nani Suryani 15,38%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  6 M.Q.Iswara-Asep Dedy Ruyadi   7,92%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  7 Budi Setiawan-Rizal Firdaus  2,93%

PASANGAN NOMOR URUT  8 Bambang Setiadi-Alex Tahsin Ibrahim:    1,38%

Untuk sementara pasangan nomer 4 masih unggul,,

Update 28 Juni 2013

Perolehan suara pasangan Ridwan Kamil-Oded M Danial (Rido) di Pilwalkot Bandung 2013 unggul mutlak di seluruh kecamatan. Bahkan di beberapa kecamatan, pasangan nomor urut 4 ini bisa unggul sampai lebih dari 200%.

Berikut rekapitulasi hasil perhitungan suara Pilwalkot Bandung 2013 berdasarkan suara sah masing-masing pasangan sesuai nomor urut :

Berikut rekapitulasi dari 30 kecamatan se-Kota Bandung:
1. Edi Siswadi-Erwan Setiawan: 169.526 (17,67%)
2. Wahyudin Karnadinata-Tonny Aprilani: 79.728 (8,31%)
3. Wawan Dewanta-M Sayogo: 17.901 (1,87%)
4. Ridwan Kamil-Oded M Danial: 434.130 (45,24%)
5. Ayi Vivananda-Nani Suryani: 145.513 (15,16%)
6. MQ Iswara-Asep Dedy Ruyadi: 73.617 (7,67%)
7. Budi Setiawan-Rizal Firdaus: 26.064 (2,72%)
8. Bambang Setiadi-Alex Tahsin Ibrahim: 13168 (1,37%)

Suara Sah: 959.647
Suara tidak sah: 42.864
Total suara terpakai: 1.002.511
Daftar Pemilih Tetap: 1.658.808

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