December 26, 2014

Download Camera360 for Windows Phone

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"Camera360 Sight looks to be one of the best camera apps for Windows Phone 8 devices."

Featured and recommended by Windows Central, Gizmo and more.
Brought to you by the award winning team behind the popular Camera360 app, Sight is the newest and best Windows Phone app to shoot, edit, and manage your photographs.
Sight is the fastest and most powerful camera app on the Windows Phone platform.

Notable Features:
  • Incredible Focus System
  • Auto focus
  • Manual focus
  • Micro-focusing
  • Manual exposure

Gesture Activated Assistive Tool Bar
  • HDR
  • White Balance
  • Composition Line
  • Auxiliary View for External Lens

Exquisite Filters
  • Stylize with over 60 free filters
  • 9 Customized Real-Time Filters

Non-destructive Editing
Smart Composition Tools
6 Level Optimization for quick view
Up to 12 professional adjustment tools

Easy Access Album
  • Album Tile can be pinned to ‘Start’
  • Pinch in and pinch out for easy browsing

Other features
  • 3 Timer Modes:3s 5s 10s
  • Mirror mode available for front camera
  • 3 ratios for photo taking:4:3, 16:9, 1:1
  • Supports shutter mute

Maximize the performance and potential of your Windows Phone camera system with Sight by Camera360.

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Updated December 25th
. Sight added tutorials, tap "•••" and enter "Tutorial" to learn about finger operations.
. Sight has launched its official website, go to "Settings -> About" and tap the app icon or go to to check it out!
. Solved black screen issue while editing photos.
. Fixed bugs and improved stability.
. Optimized icons.
. Slide upwards to browse more photos

Works with

  •     Windows Phone 8.1
  •     Windows Phone 8

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