May 13, 2013

NEW UPDATE: Free Download Mozilla Firefox 21.0 RC 2013

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Mozilla will release Firefox 21.0 on May 14, 2013 and shortly thereafter update the Beta, Aurora and Nightly channels of the browser to Firefox 22.0, 23.0 and 24.0 respectively. 

The updates will be transferred to Mozilla's ftp server first before they will be announced on the official website. If you have configured automatic updates, you should not have to worry about that though as your browser will get updated automatically when you start it after the update becomes available.

Check out "What’s New" and "Known Issues" for this version of Firefox below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, or file a bug in Bugzilla.

What’s New Mozilla Firefox 21.0 RC 2013

  • NEW
    Enhanced three-state UI for Do Not Track (DNT)
  • NEW
    Firefox will suggest how to improve your application startup time if needed
  • NEW
    Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report (see FAQ)
    Ability to Restore removed thumbnails on New tab Page
    Add-ons History API removals in Places
    CSS -moz-user-select:none selection changed to improve compatibility with -webkit-user-select:none (bugs 816298)
    Graphics related performance improvements (bugs 809821)
    Removed E4X support from SpiderMonkey
    Implemented Remote Profiling
    Integrated, Add-on SDK loader and API libraries into Firefox
  • HTML5
    Added support for
  • HTML5
    Implemented scoped stylesheets
    Some function keys may not work when pressed (833719)
    Browsing and Download history clearing needs unification to avoid confusion on clearing download history (847627
    H.264 support for Windows 7 and newer versions
    Mozilla made the decision some time ago to integrate support for the proprietary format H.264 indirectly to Firefox. If the host operating system supports the feature, Firefox will make use of it.
    Support for the format is first introduced for Windows 7 and newer versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. If all goes according to plans, Vista users will receive support in the next version of the browser. Mozilla is also working on adding support to Windows XP, Linux and Mac systems and while there is no word yet on Linux and Mac availability, it seems that Windows XP users can start making use of H.264 from Firefox 24 on.
    Smaller changes
  • Removed thumbnails on Firefox's New Tab Page can now be restored
  • Graphic related performance improvements.
  • Improvements to Mixed Content Blocker feature. While it is still disabled by default, it will now display an icon in the address bar that improves the handling of these elements. To activate, set security.mixed_content.block_active_content to true.
  • Web Audio API support. It is not enabled by default, set media.webaudio.enabled to true to enable it.
  • The about:plugin page highlights now if a plugin is enabled or disabled in the browser.
Developer changes
  • FileName: Firefox Setup 21.0.exe
     File Size :20.30 MB
     Requirements :Windows XP |Server 2003 | Vista |Server 2008 | Win 7 | Windows 8

    Languages :English | .....

    License : Freeware

    Date Add :05-13-2013



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