June 26, 2015

Cara Disable Video Autoplay Di Facebook

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Merasa terganggu dengan Video Autoplay atau yang jalan/memutar otomatis play sendiri di facebook saat disorot kursor?
Berikut ini tips mengatasinya/menonaktifkan fitur tersebut
Sementara pakai bahasa Linggis dulu yaaa,
Kalau banyak yg nge- LIKE nya nanti ditambahin bahasa Indonesia nya ^_^

For PC/ Computers:
Go to your options drop-down menu in the top right.
Click "Settings" https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=videos
Select the "Videos" link on the left.
Turn the "Auto-Play Videos" from "ON" to "OFF"

For Phones and tablet apps:
You can adjust your auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. If auto-play is On, the data used depends on the amount of time you spend watching a video. If you scroll past an auto-play video in News Feed, your phone will use less data than if you stop to watch it for a longer period of time. If auto-play is set to Wi-Fi only, no data will be used.

To adjust your auto-play settings:


Open the Facebook app
Tap your phone's menu button
Tap Settings
Scroll down and tap Video Auto-play
Choose an option

Ios, iPhone and iPad

1. Open Facebook app
2. Tap on More ( Three bars on the bottom right corner )
3. Select Settings from the settings section on the bottom
4. Select Videos and Photos
5. Select Auto-Play
6. Turn off smart Auto-Play, then you can set your own auto-play setting

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