June 8, 2015

Download LG PC Suite Windows

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LG PC Suite is a program that helps you connect your mobile phone to a PC using a USB data communication cable or a Bluetooth connection so that you can use the functions of the mobile phone on your PC.

With LG PC Suite you can:

  •     Create, edit and delete phone data conveniently
  •     Synchronise data from a PC, phone and the Air Sync site (Contacts, Calendar/Task, Memo)
  •     Transfer multimedia files (photos, videos, music) conveniently with a simple drag & drop between a PC and phone
  •     Transfer the messages from a phone to a PC
  •     Check if a new software update (firmware) is available for your phone
  •     Connect to the LG Air Sync* site and upload data to it
  •     Synchronise mobile bookmarks to your mobile browser
  •     Operate a mobile phone and manage the files stored on the phone using the On Screen Phone program

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