September 28, 2012

NEW UPDATE: Free Download Avira AntiVirus Personal 2013 v.13.0 Final (Latest Version)

Avira Free Antivirus is extremely powerful software which offers protection against viruses and is free for personal use; it has very large and constantly updated database, which helps detect and remove from your computer malicious programs such as viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, dialers etc.

File Name :avira_free_antivirus_en.exe
File Size :109.69 MB
Requirements:Windows XP |Server 2003 | Vista |Server 2008 | Win 7 | Windows 8

Languages :English | .....

License : Freeware

Date Add :Sep 04, 2013


Free Download AntiVir Avira AntiVirus 2013 version 13.0 Final Version (CLICK HERE)


To download: 
tunggu 5 detik, lalu klik tulisan SKIP AD di pojok kanan atas
wait 5 seconds, then click SKIP AD

Download Manual Avira Database (IVDF & VDF):
Avira Fusebundle Generator


Avira Version 2013: Moving from System to User Security

Avira version 2013: The First Release, Moving Avira from System to User Security
This release starts the transition toward a user centric view of the security. We start protecting also user’s social networks and we emphasize the importance of the parental control for protecting the children from online dangers.

Here are the newly added features briefly described:

  •  Social Network Protection

Automatically checks users’ social network accounts for comments, photos and behavior patterns that may influence your reputation in a negative way (or might indicate that your child is being bullied online).

  • Browser Tracking Blocker*

 This is a toolbar widget lets users choose which websites can collect user information like location, click behavior and other tricks for tracking.
  • Website Safety Advisor*

Displays a checkmark next to every URL link that indicates if the link destination site is safe or potentially corrupted.
*= feature only available if Avira SearchFree Toolbar is installed.
  • Android Security

Locate a missing Android phone on Google Maps, remotely lock the phone or trigger a 20-second remote ‘scream’ to help you find it under the couch cushions. You can also block unwanted calls or SMS messages.
  • More Frequent Updates for Free Users

Avira Free Antivirus now updates every 6 hours instead of every 24 hours, giving users more current protection.
  • Avira Protection Cloud

Uploads certain suspicious files to Avira’s cloud servers to improve protection. (Available for paid users
  • Network Folder Scanning

Previously available only for Avira Professional, now Avira can scan network folders in addition to a machine’s main folders. This offers protection to a home network which share folders. (Available for paid users)

  • Experts Market Gives Geeks Opportunity to Make $$ Solving Computer Problems

One of the new features available in the Avira 2013 product suite – and totally unique to the antivirus industry — is Experts Market, an online community where computer geeks can hire out their services to assist users worldwide with any computer problems they may have. Avira is currently recruiting experts for the marketplace in advance of a full consumer launch next month.

  • No Advertising Pop-ups for Avira Free AntiVirus Users

Users of Avira Free AntiVirus who install the Avira SearchFree toolbar will no longer have pop-up ads displayed to them. This SearchFree toolbar includes Browser Tracking Blocker and Website Safety Advisor so users get the double benefit of no ads and more secure browsing. Now Avira lets you ‘live Free’ completely ad-free.

Video Review Avira Anyivirus 2013

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