September 20, 2012

NEW UPDATE: Free Download Opera Mini 7.5 for Android Final Version 2012

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Opera has just launched the latest version of its mobile browser. Opera Mini for Android 7.5 brings a few new touches, including a socially focused Smart Page.
The Smart Page includes a social tab, a news section, and a selection of links curated based on your location. The social tab will bring updates from Twitter and Facebook into an at-a-glance interface.
“This is a real time saver,” said Opera CEO Lars Boilesen in a statement on the news. “There are just too many social networks, and I’m a busy man. Now, thanks to the Smart Page, I can get all the updates at a glance, even from my favorite Danish newspapers.”

 Free Download Opera Mini 7.5 for Android Final Version 2012

Here’s a sneak peek:

  Free Download Opera Mini 7.5 for Android

What's New in  Opera Mini 7.5 for Android

The new version of the browser keeps current features such as Speed Dial, which stores shortcuts and displays them in new tabs.

On the technical side, the mobile browser compresses data to compensate for congested carrier networks and limited data plans. In fact, Opera is so confident about this particular feature, it’s claiming it can save users up to 90 percent of data charges on a pay-per-megabyte data plan.
You can download the latest version of Opera Mini now free of charge.

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