October 1, 2012

NEW UPDATE: Free Download Joomla 3.0 Final Stable Version 2012

Release Name
Release Date
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Joomla3.0.0updates2012-09-27 02:00:00-05Joomla_3.0.0-Stable-Update_Package.zip7 MB
Joomla3.0.02012-09-27 02:00:00-05Joomla_3.0.0-Stable-Full_Package.zip7 MB
Joomla_3.0.0-Stable-Full_Package.tar.gz5 MB
Joomla_3.0.0-Stable-Full_Package.tar.bz24 MB
Joomla! takes a big leap into the mobile space with a total overhaul of both its frontend design and administrator interface. With the adoption of the Bootstrap framework, Joomla! has become the first major CMS to be mobile ready in both the visitors and administrator areas. Now every website can have mobile friendly content for visitors and mobile friendly tools for administrators.
  • Fully Responsive Site Template
  • Fully Responsive Admin UI
  • Fully Responsive Core Output
Joomla administration has a brand new look and feel, built with the power of Bootstrap responsive framework, along with a touch of the awesome UI/UX work of the Joomla JUX team. Joomla comes ready to go and fully responsive for mobile devices, tablets, and normal computer screens. The entire backend of Joomla has a brand new look and feel that will improve your workflow with any type of device.
  • New User Friendly Interface
  • Streamlined 30 Second Install
  • Refined Admin User Experience

Spend less time coding and building interfaces with Joomla 3. The Joomla User Interface (JUI) library gives you a standardized backend & frontend interface. LESS CSS and jQuery means you can write less code and the Icomoon font icon library provides a wealth of retina-optimized icons.
  • Build a Component with Zero CSS
  • Style a Site with 1 CSS File
  • Icomoon Font Icon Library
  • jQuery & Mootools Ready


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