August 26, 2012

Free Download Windows 8 Build 9200 Enterprise RTM (x86/x64) Original Microsoft (2012/ENG/DVD)

Windows 8 - This is the operating system is Windows, rethought and constructed on the basis of rapid and reliable Windows 7. With a completely new interface for sensor devices. New Windows for new devices. You can try right now - regardless of whether you are installing it the first time or upgrading from Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The main characteristics and features of Windows 8:
  • Unified interface for Windows 8 for tablets, notebook and desktop PCs. The main screen of Windows 8 looks the same on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The new interface Metro is optional, which means that it can be disconnected and replaced with a standard desktop Windows, familiar to us since the early 90's. The advantages of the same Metro that it is easy and convenient. Perfectly adapted for touch screens. And in a sense of simplicity and convenience comparable to conventional tablet. Metro is not no way limits the user, and its component icons, and tiles can be both static images and dynamic elements are constantly changing, making it easy for a news or weather. After all, the most important thing will always be displayed on the main screen. By the way, kind of Aero desktop is left unchanged. For example, the color theme will now dynamically change and adjust to the tone of the current wallpapers.
  • Intuitive navigation and tightly integrated applications. You can change the location, color and size of the tiles (plitochek that comprise the interface Win8 Metro). But do not worry. No matter how you change the position of tiles, the overall shape of the interface will not change. Unlike the majority of applications for smartphones, applications to Windows 8 which are closely linked: for example, built-in photo album application can send photos directly to an independent client application to Facebook.
  •  Rethinking the multi-tasking. Multitasking Windows 8 at the same time not only helps keep the memory of a computer or a tablet a few applications, but also to exchange information between running applications. As the clipboard, only better! And multitasking of Windows 8 makes it possible to display multiple applications on one screen, smartphone or tablet. Android users and iOS is not ever dreamed!
  • One Store Windows Store for all devices. All applications for Windows 8 are created using open web standards, HTML5, javascript and CSS3, and are not sensitive to the resolution of the screen. This means that the same application will look great on screen a huge plasma screen, and on a tiny little screen tablet or your mobile phone.
  • Backward compatibility with Windows 7. All applications that worked on Win7, and will work on computers Win8. A familiar desktop will be available through the tile on the main screen Win8. There also will be put labels call any normal application.
  • Ribbons Ribbons in Windows Explorer Windows Explorer. Microsoft tirelessly promotes ribbon Ribbons, first appeared in Office 2007 and replaced a standard set of icons. Ribbons Ribbons will now be integrated into the wire, even Windows Explorer. Users of the old school are unlikely to re-learn - most of them anyway used shortcuts and context menu by right mouse button. As far as newcomers, they adapt to this interface will be easier. In addition, large icons on the tapes Ribbons are ideal for touch interfaces, because it is much easier to hit with your finger.
  • Assistant Copy Assistant in Task Manager Task Manager. It is done what we did not expect. Reworked the clipboard and a task manager, so that in Windows 8 was possible to copy multiple files with a given precedence in this case, visually tracking the speed and time to complete the operation. As to the process manager, then all the processes it is now marked with different colors for visual readability.
  • Effective use of USB 3.0 and work with ISO-images of the box. Windows 8 will access the contents of ISO-files without installing additional software such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 52% / 120% or etc. Also, Windows 8 will offer an integrated USB 3.0 support without having to install additional drivers.
  • Cloud service is a Windows-Sync Live ID. The recently announced Service Cloud Connection Windows 8 will be presented in multiple roles, all applications, settings and personal information can be synchronized with Windows Live. Get a new device with Windows, login with your Live ID, and your usual work environment is automatically downloaded from the cloud service. Also, it makes it easy to access files on a remote computer - connecting you to commit to just one browser.
  • "Red button" Windows 8 or the new Windows in 10 minutes. Windows 8 offers two key improvements to security: Windows 8 Secure Boot prevents the work of malicious code to be run before booting the OS. A "red button" Reset Button will reinstall Windows 8 without actually reinstalling, restoring the operating system to its original state just ten minutes. In addition to the "red button" Reset Button, you can call at boot OS, you can also resort to the function Refresh, nulled only very OSes, and is not affecting your personal files and installed applications. Among other features - support for UEFI instead of BIOS, full access to Xbox Live, Wind and three-dimensional interface, etc.

Windows 8 System requirements:
• Processor: 1 GHz or higher.
• RAM: 1 GB (x86) and 2 GB (x64).
• Free space on hard drive: 16 GB.
• Graphics: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 with the driver WDDM.

Specifications 32-bit (x86):
BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: 9200.16384.120725-1247_x64frev_Enterprise_VL_HRM_CENA_X64FREV_EN-US_DVD.iso
SIZE: 3,490,912,256 byte

Free Download Windows 8 

Download the 32-bit (x86) version:

Download the 64-bit (x64) version:



Jika pada Windows 7 versi Komplitnya adalah Windows 7 Ultimate
Pada Windwos 8 yang paling Lengkap fiturnya adalah Versi Yang Ini , yaitu Windows 8 Enterprise
Spesifikasi Windows 8 Sama kaya spesifikasi Windows 7

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