February 21, 2013

NEW UPDATE: Free Download NVIDIA Inspector 2013

NVIDIA Inspector is a handy application that reads out driver and hardware information for GeForce graphics cards
The nVIDIA Inspector Tool is basically an nVIDIA only GPU-Z utility but with a decent OverClocking feature and you
can set your clocks and fan speeds. Orbmu2k has released this program, which seems to NVIDIA graphics cards and
offers information on tools for GPU and memory clock speed, GPU operating voltage and fan speed increase.
This is a quite simple user interface with an application that will rely entirely NVIDIA drivers, so there is reason
to be downloaded from NVIDIA's website WHQL-certified driver. The program offers roughly the same information
as the GPU-Z program, but with a few extra spice box.

Changelog in
- updated setting constants and names xml for driver R313
- removed dirty workaround for delete profile driver bug, is fixed since R310
- fixed low resolution gui glitch for bitvalue editor
- improved hex input parsing

Author: Orbmu2k
Date: 2013-02-20
Size: 228 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 8\ Win 7\ Vista\ XP


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